HMS Victorious/HMS Devonshire 
by Roger Wilson 

1/600 HMS Victorious - HMS Devonshire (Airfix)

This is an old 1:600 scale Airfix diorama that I originally made up way back in 1984. However, I wanted to upload it onto this website but I felt that it needed some considerable refurbishment first, mainly with the addition of many brass-etched parts for that all-important extra detail.

The diorama is of HMS Victorious flying off her air wing in the Mediterranean late in 1962, escorted by the newly commissioned guided missile destroyer HMS Devonshire.

Aircraft embarked are:

The Gannets were converted from the Skyraiders provided with the kit and the Whirlwind helecopters are scratch built. The Sea Vixens and the Scimitars are provided with the kit. The deck vehicles are scratch built and the sea is made of household filler.

I would welcome any questions or comments


Roger Wilson

Gallery updated 3/29/2023