Peruvian Cargo ship BAP Napo 
by Eduardo Neira Carvajal 

1/150 Peruvian Cargo ship BAP Napo (Scratchbuilt)

BAP Napo was a cargo ship launched in march of 1945 like un armored freigther USS Fisherman`s Bend.   In 1947 was sold to Perú like cargo ship. In 1965 the BAP Napo ran aground  in coast of Chile and scraping in site, them his broken in three parts  Of which alone the bow and stern portions.  This wreks remain until 1976 dissapear in a strong  swell.

I used plasticard materials, parts of ligthers, cooper thin wire and another casuals materials. The representation is a few weeks of breaking in La Cebada beach, IV Región, Chile in 1965.

Eduardo Neira Carvajal

Gallery updated 6/23/2017