The Two
by Walter Taylor

1/220 The Two (Various)

The USS Lionfish has just sunk an unnamed Japanese fishing trawler. Fire can be seen in the hull (A 12 v grain of wheat bulb) with wreckage everywhere. Two life boats ride the waves while the survivors get out of the water before the oil slick overtakes them. Above, a Japanese zero is tracking a wounded American Hellcat. As the USS Lionfish does not have good aircraft defenses, it must quickly dive. Also, besides sinking merchant marine, the second duty of the lionfish is to pick up downed pilots. On the bottom left, one sees an old merchant ship from the 1600’s overgrown with algae and slowly falling apart.

The sea surface was made from heating a “cracked ice” lighting panel. The rear and side panels were airbrushed lightly to simulate an underwater view.

The USS lionfish is from a Revell kit and the Japanese Trawler is kit bashed from a Norwegian fishing trawler. The old 1600’s sunken ship was from a pet store sunken ship. The planes were ready made.

Walter Taylor