German Navy frigate Baden-Württemberg 
by Hanchang Kuo 

1/700 Baden-Württemberg (Dodo Models)

This my build of Dodo Models 1/700 modern German Navy F125 class frigate Baden-Württemberg. This kit is very well researched and detailed. Only minimum amount of scratch-built pieces are required to dress up the ship. No after market accessories needed. The things I don't like are mislabeled parts in instruction, misaligned molds in a parts tree, and what appears to be subtle 3D printing layers in some parts. Two very nice NH90 helicopters are included in the kit.  Unfortunately I could not find any picture of NH90 operating on those ships so I had to leave them off the flight deck for now. Overall an excellent kit for a good representation of the handsome ship. Highly recommended.

Hanchang Kuo

Gallery updated 8/13/2021