French Frigate Suffren 
by David J. Salvin 

1/700 French Frigate Suffren (Niko)

Latest on the hit parade from my favorite patron has to be one of the ugliest ships Iíve ever built.  The French frigate Suffren, cir. 1990.  While the ship has looks only a (French) mother could love, the kit was pretty good.  Molding and lines were clean and crisp.  Details like watertight doors and exterior piping etc. was basic and minimal and serviceable.  All the parts went together and the instructions were VERY nice in that rather than vague drawings to show you how and where the parts went, the instructions were actually detailed and enlarged pictures of the completed basic model with numbers and lines pointing out the parts.  Basic resin and PE make a very nice kit that went together without issue.

David J. Salvin

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