HMS Somerset Type 23 Frigate 
by Paul Ellison 

1/350 HMS Somerset (Trumpeter)

Here are some pictures of my model of HMS Somerset, on which I served from December 1994 to October 1998. Somerset is the 11th Type 23 Frigate (although her yard number was T23-12). I joined the ship whilst she was in build in Glasgow and I had the privilege of being part of the team that brought the ship to life.

I have modelled HMS Somerset as she appeared in 1998 and the starting point was the Trumpeter 1:350 HMS Kent kit with White Ensign (now Atlantic Models) Etched brass. In that period HMS Somerset had a different crown on the funnel from her sisters. The explanation for this and the minor adjustments that I made to both the kit and PE to correct some small mistakes can be found here.

For this model I designed my own PE for the first time and I would like to thank Mike McCabe at Starling Models who helped me in getting it made.

Paul Ellison

Gallery updated 8/14/2017