HNLMS Evertsen 
by Frank Spahr 

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The Ship

The Dutch Van Speijk Class of Guided Missile Frigates comprised six vessels, commissioned between 1967 and 1968. They were intended to fulfill the Dutch  Navy´s NATO commitments, especially in the ASW role. The ships were based on the contemporary British Leander class, but had predominantly Dutch sensors. They were built in the Netherlands.

In the second half of the 1970s, the ships received a thorough mid-life modernization. Outwardly, the British twin 4.5 inch gun turret was replaced by a 3 inch Otobreda gun. The main radar arrays were updated. Two quadruple Harpoon  launchers were installed on the aft superstructure. The stern „Limbo“ ASW launcher was removed, its well plated over, thus enlarging the helo deck. Moving the VDS array to a location inside the hull freed yet more space and enabled the vessels to operate a Lynx instead of the original Wasp helo. Two triple Mk.32 torpedo launchers were installed right abaft the hangar. Inside, the ship´s Combat Management System was updated and the power plant also modernized, with a view to crew reduction. The reduced complement improved habitability.

In this configuration, the vessels served until they were sold to Indonesia between 1986 and 1989. They have been modernized again in Indonesian service, with diesel powerplants replacing the steam turbines as well as updated sensors, missiles and a new helicopter. Since 2017, the class is being phased out from the Indonesian Navy. Its replacement is a modern frigate class built in the Netherlands.

The Kit

I got this kit at the 2013 Nieuwegein show at a discount, as it had been started, with the lower hull removed. It´s a neat resin kit with the specific PE  needed, albeit without helo deck netting or railings. I bought a machined brass barrel by Master plus generic railings from Atlantic Models.

The kit built fairly well and neat and hassle-free.

I´m pleased with the different Dutch take on the Leander theme. Ther kit is now available from Naval Models, with slightly thinner PE and some resin parts optimized for removal. The original dry transfers have been replaced by decals made by Fantasy Printshop. The fine people at Naval Models told me this, and also informed me that I had mounted the LW-02 radar upside down. They were kind enough to provide replacement PE from their own production. Don´t ask how I did it, but I managed to mount this the wrong way around, too. Meanwhile it is fixed and the model looks as it should - many thanks to Maarten Schoenfeld!


Frank Spahr

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