Kang Ding class Frigate 
by Adam Mcleish 

1/350 Kang Ding class Frigate (Bronco)

G,day all . This model is a Kang Ding class Frigate of the ROC navy. A nice looking ship but as a kit I was less than impressed , it wasnít the quality that my other bronco kits are as far as detail and filler was used on all joins , but donít get me started on the instructions , they are not in any order at all , I think someone dropped the paper work and got it all mucked up and what little indication for photo etch placement was not good at all and the photo etch helo netting was mismoulded so I had to cut out the sections that were bad and leave just the frame work as you can see in my photos . There are very few detail photos on the net of this class of ship so if I got it wrong ill live with it. The hull is Gunze H308 , the deck is Gunze H305 and the keel is Gunze H17 cocoa brown . I did use a veteran CIWS instead of the kit supplied unit and the helo is the kit supplied unit and I did replace the anti ship missile launchers with a set of Robin models ones witch I found on a Chinese hobby site but as I brought the last ones they have not been back on the site . This build was a little annoying  but looks good in the end.

Adam Mcleish

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