Douglas EA-3B Skywarier 
by Kenji Kudo 

1/72 Douglas EA-3B Skywarier (Hasegawa)

Photo No: Aircraft model: It is aircraft midway affiliation that landed at Atsugi base. In the tail wings a rabbit clinging to the earth was drawn. I painted all the tail marks by handwriting of tail vane. Purpose of model making: I wanted to make this rare tail warp mark. Also, this aircraft could not find photos carrying aircraft carrier Midway. For this reason, I also tried to fly over the aircraft carrier Midway using a model. In addition, I flew over sky. I managed to challenge the composite photograph.
I am very happy to let a model fly like a real aircraft.
  The instrument panel was made on the basis of photographs. Electronic operation room: A photograph that produced one person out of four people table: I can not see it at all by incorporating the fuselage

Kenji Kudo

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