The Ships of
Dortmund, Germany
by Guido Hopp
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Germany's biggest modelling show the INTERMODELL took place from 17th to 21st of April in Dortmund. This annual fair features models from ships to planes, from phantasy to cars, from trains to tanks. Admittedly the fair addresses RC and train modellers for the best part.  Still, by having a total of 20,000+ models on display there are plenty of interesting ships to be seen. As far as I can tell this model show was without any contest and there was no section reserved for display modellers only. So the pictures were taken randomly as I went along. It was very interesting to observe, that there were very few models in the standard scales. Most ships on display were 1/100 and larger. Reportedly the show had a total of 350.000 visitors. Unfortunately most of the models were displayed without information on the modellers.

Guido Hopp