DKM Schnellboot S-195 Oblt.z.S. Walter Knapp 
by Martin Deuretsbacher 

1/40 Schnellboot S-195 (Robbe)

Here is my DKM Schnellboot S-195,  Kapitän Oblt. z. S. Walter Knapp, with Flakvierling  in 1:40 scale manufactured by Robbe. The ship has a RC function, three electric motors with two regulators. One regulator for the centre propeller and one regulator for the right and left propeller. The ship is starting with the centre propeller. The propellers on the outside are starting with high-speed. The starboard and the centre propeller are turning to the right, the port propeller is turning to the left. The model has two Lipo-batteries, one for the three engines and one for the sound modul. The sound modul is manufactured by Neuhaus electronics (no sound, only electronic). The fast attack boat has nice sounds for the engines and several flak and mg-34 sounds.

The Robbe construction-plan I have studied very exactly and I didn`t had any problem to build the model. Many parts were added to the Robbe kit that  it looks like the fast attack boat S-195. The boat S-195 by Olt. z. S.Walter Knapp was commissioned on 28.6.1944. It belonged to 8. Schnellbootflottille and operated the last months 1944 and January 1945 in the North Sea and the Cannel. In 1945 S-195 operated in the Baltic. At the end of the war S-195 in Egersund was given to the USA. From 1947 to 1951 the boat served in the Norwegian Navy. From 21. April 1953 to 4. September 1961 former S-195  named "Lommen" served in the Danish Navy. In 1972 the boat was scraped.

Martin Deuretsbacher

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