DKM Torpedoboot T-15, Klasse 1937 
by Matthias Pohl 

1/700 DKM Torpedoboot T-15, Klasse (HP)

This is my built of the DKM Torpedoboot T-15, a 1937 class ship. The HP Models resin kit in 1/700th scale is a very poor one and needs a lot of additional detailing, scratching and some corrections. Actually HP offers the 1937’s class boats with a PE plate (made by Eduard), I ordered it separately, but it was not used at last. The main mistake of the kit is that the bridge is nearly 2 mm too narrow! So I had to rebuild the bridge completely new. Most of the small parts were replaced by parts of a Trumpeter’s destroyer, the Z-7. Because I wanted to display T-15 during the “Operation Cerberus”, the Channel Dash (my father Kurt F. Pohl served on T-15 during that operation), the arming had to be changed. The kit displays a 1937 class boat with 1945’s equipment. The PE parts I used are from Eduard, FlyHawk and 3D ModelParts. The funnel is the one of Z-7, a bit shortened. The masts are made of brass (FlyHawk). For a higher waterline pass I glued a 1mm plastic sheet on the bottom, because T-15 is provided to be placed in a diorama with “Prinz Eugen” and Z-29. To avoid that T-15 sinks too deep into the acrylic water, the hull had to be heightened. During the Cerberus mission T-15 had the duty to secure the port aft side of “Prinz Eugen”. This scene I’m aiming to display.

Matthias Pohl

Gallery updated 6/14/2017