HMCS Snowberry 
by Pat Matthews 

1/72 HMCS Snowberry (Revell & GLS)

Revell's Flower, finished as HMCS Snowberry. Most everything from the deck up is replaced with a full GLS white metal and PE set. That was a surprise for me, having only worked a little bit with PE in the past. The GLS parts are superb, but quite a challenge as well. I invested in a fairly good quality soldering station just for this job, and it was worth every penny.

Lambert & Brown's "Flower Class Corvettes" was my primary reference, along with many "found" images on the Web. Still frustrating, as all the drawings available don't really give a full 3D description, and Revell's parts just didn't always go together in a believable way.

As is typical for a full hull display model, no weathering was applied. WEM paints were difficult to find, but the hunt was worthwhile, as they provide the perfect tints. I hope all the detail shots don't come across as an ad for GLS, but they're worth seeing up close!

Pat Matthews

Gallery updated 2013