Venetian Gondola 
by Eugenio Lorenzini 

1/50 Venetian Gondola (Gilberto Penzo)

A Venetian "Gondola" in scale 1/50 and diorama, showing the boat in Venice in a small channel. I also added some pictures of the construction period.

Some tips about construction: the wooden docking poles are wood pieces (from a nearby tree) where the lower part was dry brushed in green and the lower and medium part have been weathered for several days in tea (every day I put them in a glass with tea, waited for some hours, then waited to have them dry and then repeated the process, for about 2 weeks. The bricks have been one by one carved in the plaster (Paris plaster) and singularly painted. The water effect (Venice has a green water that is never calm, due to the moving boats, but inner channels only seldom have ripples; they usually have little semi flat waves) has been done with a base of Plaster of Paris (flat), with two thin layers of clay, plaster to fill, and a very patient sand paper (280 to 400 grades) activity.

Eugenio Lorenzini

Gallery updated 1/24/2017