PT-142 boat elco'80 
by Ignatev Vlad 

1/350 PT-142 boat elco'80 (Aoshima)

I got an old set with 2 boats and 1 catalina PT-132 from Ironclub (aoshima).  There was only one boat in the set, the rest is apparently lost.  There was an idea based on the PT-132 to create something of their own.  After studying the material, I chose the PT-142 boat as a prototype, which was armed with 2 out of 4 torpedo tubes, but had a single-barreled bofors at the stern.  From the set were used: hull and superstructures and torpedo tubes.  Everything else he made himself.  used sheet brass, copper wire for the mast and handrails.  Homemade bofors, except for the trunk (master models).  Oerlikon is also from master models. Life raft from flyhawk. Figurines 3D printing.

Ignatev Vlad

Gallery updated 5/18/2023