Collier (merchant) ship Bethia, 1783 
by Marcello d’Andrea 

1/110 Collier merchant ship Bethia, 1783 (Revell)

Collier (merchant) ship Bethia (later HMAV Bounty), 1783-1787

1/110 collier ship Bethia (Revell kitbash) - The original plans of the Bethia (National Maritime Museum of Greenwich) are reported by John McKay: The armed transport Bounty (Anatomy of the ship, Conway Maritime eds.). I used only the sides of the hull and very few details of the Revell kit of Bounty, replacing all the rest in scratchbuilt. In plastic sailing ships the main problem is the reproduction of realistic sails and rigging: I have adopted the radical solution to replace decks, masts and yards with others in wood, so all the ropes can be tense and realistic. The sails are made using the transparent film for food, glued with white glue and painted. The decal with the name "Bethia" was kindly made by Enrico Bai of the forum The pier and all its equipment are equally scratchbuilt in wood. The diorama shows the Bethia while it is coaling from an English port, in the second half of the XVIII century.

Marcello d’Andrea

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