French fishing boat Sinagot 
by Paul Helfrich 

1/60 French fishing boat Sinagot (Heller)

I love discovering old kits I've never seen before.  Having modeled seriously for some time, it's now a fairly rare occurrence, but every now and then there it is, that completely unknown kit.  Heller is a particularly good source for these, for in addition to many familiar warships, they also kitted a broad range sailing vessels, including some everyday working boats.

Sinagot is a generic name for this type of French boat, used to fish for oysters and shrimp in the Morbihan Gulf in Brittany.  I loved the colored sails, and decided to use the box art as the basis for my build.  I cut the hull down from full to waterline, and sought a heavily weathered appearance. The fishermen are Revell 1/72 U Boat crewmen painted to look like the Gorton's fisherman.

Paul Helfrich

Gallery updated 3/19/2019