Light Seal Support Craft
Owen Ziegler

Shanghai Dragon 1/35 scale kit

The Light Seal Support Craft was built by Grafton Boats and became operational in 1969.  It is powered by two pump-jets that were driven by Ford Interceptor engines.  When fully loaded the craft could make 26 knots and had a shallow draft of 29 inches.  The armament consisted of M60 machine guns, grenade launchers and on occasion .50 caliber machine gun and/or 7.62mm Minigun.  The LSSC was armored against .30 caliber bullets at a range of 100 yards.
This is the Light Seal Support Craft in 1/35th scale by Shanghai Dragon.  The kit was built straight out of the box.  I did not use parts B26 (2), the Minigun, and one of the M60 Machine guns.  These are to be mounted on the front corners of the instrument console.  The driver's seat, instrument console, and sonar unit were painted Testors Flat Black and dry brushed with Testors Panzer Gray.  The boat was painted with Testors Dark Green straight from the spray can.  After this had dried the Dark Green was sealed with Testors Clear Flat.  It was then given a heavy dark wash of Raw Umber and Turpenoid below the water line.  A lighter wash of the same mixture was applied to everything above the waterline.  Next it was dry brushed with a mixture of Testors Dark Green and Boyd's White Primer.  These paints were mixed together until I got the color I was looking for.  This kit is a pretty quick and simple build.  There are only 7 steps in the instruction sheet.

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