Zwarte Zee
by Maarten Schönfeld

1/200 Tug Zwarte Zee (NBW/MWmodels)

A few years ago I was tantilized by the idea that, while the Dutch nation has a rich history in shipping, only very few model kits of Dutch ships exist. I thought this could be set right, and several resin model kits have been developed so far, both smaller merchant ships in 1/200 and some Dutch Navy ships in 1/350.

This subject here is my new kit of Smit's salvage tug Zwarte Zee of 1933, in her day the largest and strongest tug in the world with 9000 HP. The scale is chosen to compare it with Heller's Smit Rotterdam and Imai/Revell's Smit Frankrijk kits.

Maarten Schönfeld