USCGC Bertholf 
by Chris Hewitt 

1/350 USCGC Bertholf (Black Cat Models)

This is a superb kit, its a resin kit which is sold as waterline or full hull with photo etching and lots and lots of resin parts .It will keep you very busy ,there is lots to do.When I spotted I had to have it.The model hull comes complete which you will see from the photo ,but as I said there is lots to do.The main mast l built and put it to one side until the ship was complete.This ship is big as a Type 42 destroyer.The crew are from BCM ,best on the market . Even the mast comes complete.The instructions come as a booklet and is very detailed and there are plenty of photos of Bertholf on the net.I highly recommend this kit.

Chris Hewitt

Gallery updated 1/11/2021