Marine Naionale Richelieu (What-If BB-CV hybrid)
by Val Kim

1/400 Marine Naionale Richelieu (Heller/Scratchbuild)

I've always been fascinated with hybrid ship designs. After reading "The Hybrid Warship: The Amalgamation of Big Guns and Aircraft" by R. D. Layman and Stephen McLaughlin, I decided to build some of the designs shown in the book using Heller kits as donors: they are easily available and do provide some major components (hulls, turrets, boats etc).  

This is the first complete one. It's been a long journey, yet here she is, MNF Richelieu, a Hybrid BB/CV. The model is based on a sketch from the abovementioned book. The sketch was just to illustrate the idea of a hybrid and by no means was a feasible design. So this is just a concept model. It is based on the Heller Richelieu kit with parts from the Illustrious. I also used aftermarket parts and upgrades, including: 


A special thanks to Simon (Micro Master) for customized 3d parts and Al Newman for providing the French Navy Aircraft Decals.

Val Kim

Gallery updated 4/9/2021