USS Patuxent AO-44 
by Bob Nandell 

1/540 USS Patuxent AO-44 (Lindberg)

My regret is not having bought a dozen of these little Lindberg tankers when they were available back in the day. Now if one shows up in the box it is far more pricey as a 'collectible'  than one already built.

As a fair representation of a T-2 type oil tanker, the kit is also highly adaptable, such as adding things to the foredeck. USS Patuxent was decomissioned by the Navy in 1946, but went on to serve civilian tanker companies until 1985, further proving the durability of ships built during WWII. I wish today's kit manufacturers would come up with a few more service vessels.

Bob Nandell

Gallery updated 1/16/2017