USS Sacramento AOE-1 
by Matthias Pohl 

1/700 USS Sacramento AOE-1 (Trumpeter)

This is the Trumpeter kit 1/700 scale kit of the USS Sacramento AOE-1, which has been upgraded with JAG PE parts. There were some obscurities for me about the appearance of the Sacramento in her later years (f.e. the life boats at starboard astern). I wanted to show her with the Sea Sparrow launcher at the bow and the Phalanx CIWS on the aft deck. Some other changes had been made like the conversion of the bridge, the main mast and some antennas and SatCom domes. The racks with the life boats on both sides are scratched too, based on PE parts and Evergreen profiles.

The Sacramento is part of my huge diorama as a part of the Nimitz CSG in 1998. To give a little insight you see the Sacramento in an UNREP scene with USS Kinkaid DD-965, which has been already showed on MW.

Matthias Pohl

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