RMS Olympic 
by Vladimir Makarychev 

1/700 RMS Olympic (Revell )

I would like to  present the model of RMS “Olympic”  in Dazzle camouflage  ( Great War period) . The model assembled from the Revell kit  in scale 1/700. I used a deck sticker from Wood Hunter, photo-etched  from GMM.  There wasn’t the required number of lifeboats in the kit. All the lifeboats are scratchbuilt, molded from resin. Both masts are also scratchbuilt  made of brass bar.  The model was painted using the acrylic paints “AK interactive” and Tamiya . The camo wasn't most complicated moment during the building the model, because it is very important to determine the correct sequence of applying of colors. I began from black to white. The hardest part was attaching a deck sticker. In order to avoid peeling off the sticker from the model, I added cyanoacrylate glue around the perimeter of the deck, around the hatches and superstructures.  To avoid  the deck deformation from moisture, it was covered with a Humbrol’s matt cote.

Vladimir Makarychev

Gallery updated 3/18/2019

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