RMS Queen Mary
by Phil Bourguignon

1/240 RMS Queen Mary (Scratchbuilt)
The kit is scratch built. The hull is the old Sterling freighter kit. The scale is approximately 1/240 scale. That makes the model almost four feet long. Display my email on my gallery page yes. First Submission: yes. I built this model about 25 years ago. It was my first real scratch building project. My dad gave me the Sterling kit and I decided to turn it into the Queen Mary. Until that time I had never heard about evergreen styrene or Plastruct or Blue Jacket ship crafters. I first built a foam core mock up and then after I had the layout right I started laminating decks using Northeastern scale scribbled decking. I learned as I built. The project took about 2 years. When done it was fully remote controlled. It made less than a half dozen "voyages" due to the fear of losing it. Today it rests in its wood carrying case waiting tor a restoration possibly this coming spring of 2021. By the way, the Internet and digital photography were in their infancy when these "photos" were taken. They are actually stills taken from video clips. Don't have a clue how I did that.

Phil Bourguignon

Gallery updated 4/21/2021