SS Southern Cross 
by Patrick Camilleri 

1/600 SS Southern Cross (Scratchbuilt)

I have built all the Airfix 1:600 liners except for the odd one out Ö. their Southern Cross.  I never managed to come across an example of this one.   I therefore decided to scratchbuild it myself and once I was at it I would do it to 1:600 to match my other liners.  The model is scratchbuilt, (including the lifeboats), using various thicknesses of plastic card and Evergreen rod.  Etched brass fittings and railings from Tomís Modelworks.  All decals are home drawn and printed on my inkjet on waterslide decal paper.  Research for the build proved to be a problem with searches picking up many pictures of the Northern Star instead of the Southern Cross.  There were considerable differences between the two.  The Southern Cross was quite an important if little known ship.


Patrick Camilleri

Gallery updated 10/31/2023