SS. Stockholm 
by Patrick Camilleri 

1/600 SS. Stockholm (Scratchbuilt)

A couple of years ago I scratchbuilt the Andrea Doria to 1:600. So building the Stockholm seemed to be a natural decision.  I doubt that any company will ever issue a kit of this ship notorious for having collided with and thus sinking the Doria.  The model represents the ship as originally built and before the extension of the superstructure.  Hence it does not really represent the ship as she looked during the collision.   She is a very handsome little ship with an almost yacht like look to her.  She was launched in 1946 but has been modernized over the years.  She is still in service as the “Astoria.”  She is due to remain in service till at least 2018 making her a very long-lived ship with a carrier spanning some 72 years.  Some of the photos show her with my model of the Andrea Doria giving an interesting comparison of relative size and shape.

Patrick Camilleri

Gallery updated 5/23/2017