This  diorama represents  the triumphant arrival of  the Normandie in New York having just won the famous Blue Ribbon.
With the exception of the railings, everything is entirely  scratchbuilt with no resin or photo-etched parts

The Figures  (and the seagulls!) are made one by one... by hand. The model was built in 1/600 scale using a copy of the real plans of Normandie.

Norm_ build000 Norm_ build001 Norm_ build002 Norm_ build003 Norm_ build004
Norm_ build005 Norm_ build006 Norm_ build007 Norm_ build008 Norm_ build009
Norm_ build010 Norm_ build012 Norm_ build013 Norm_ build014 Norm_ build015
Norm_ build016 Norm_ build017 Norm_ build018 Norm_ build019 Norm_ build020
Norm_ build021 Normandie_complete001 Normandie_complete002 Normandie_complete003 Normandie_complete004
Normandie_complete005 Normandie_complete006 Normandie_complete007 Normandie_complete008 Normandie_complete009
Normandie_complete010 Normandie_complete011 Normandie_complete012 Normandie_complete013 Normandie_complete014
Normandie_complete016 Normandie_complete017 Normandie_complete018 Normandie_complete020 Normandie_complete021
Normandie_complete022 Normandie_complete023 Normandie_complete024 Normandie_complete025 Normandie_complete026
Normandie_complete027 Normandie_complete028 Normandie_complete029 Normandie_complete030 Normandie_complete031
Normandie_complete032 Normandie_complete051 Normandie_complete052 Normandie_complete053  

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