Type VII C U-boat (U-96) 
by Martin Quinn 

1/350 Type VII C U-boat U-96 (AFV Club)

Back around 2014, I built the HobbyBoss 1/350 Type IX B U-boat.  I enjoyed it so much (the model took a 2nd place at the 2014 IPMS USA National Convention) that I bought some additional submarines to build, think they'd be (cough, cough) "quick builds".   Fast forward 8 years later, and the only thing I had managed to accomplish on the AFV club Type VII C U-boat was to paint the deck.  After rotator cuff surgery - and six subsequent weeks in a sling doing nothing - I wanted to get back into the swing of things with some simple builds, and chose the AFV Club U-boat as a something I'd work on.

The model was mostly built out of the box, using the kit supplied photo-etch, with the addition of a deck gun and 20mm AA gun from Black Cat Models.  The model was painted with Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats.  The simple rigging came from Infini, and the model was given a light wash with oils.  I secured it to a small covered base with acrylic gel medium, which was then painted with artists acrylics.  The kit dates from 2009, but still holds up well overall, though I found the photo-etch, especially around the 20mm AA gun platform, a little tricky to work with.

Martin Quinn

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