German U-139 (1918-1935) and UB I class uboat (1915-1918) 
by Hans Joachim Koerver 

1/72 U-139 and UB I class uboat (

The models were designed after original plans with freecad in 1:72 scale. The resin parts were produced with a formlabs form3 3D-Printer. Plastic-injection molding would have been the best way to produce high quality models at a reasonable price, but this kind of machinery is not affordable to me. And the great companies working with this production method are rarely interested in naval models of World War I. So I worked in deeply into 3D-design and -printing, and the here presented models are the result.
The 20 units of the UB I type were small coastal submarines of 160 tons with a crew of 14. These uboats served in the German, Austria-Hungarian and the Bulgarian Navy.  Theaters of operation were the Baltic and the North Sea as well as the Adriatic, Aegean and Black Sea.

U-139 class: 3 units commissioned, 2 cruises. 3,000 tons, 80 crew, armed with 6 torpedo tubes (20 torpedoes on board, also mines), two 15 cm and two 8.8 cm guns. U-139 operated in the Atlantic, and U-140 before the Canadian and US east coast. After the war U-139 was commissioned as Halbronn into the French Navy until 1935.

Further model kits of World War One submarines are in planning - German and Allied.

Hans Joachim Koerver

Gallery updated 1/8/2021