HMS Oberon S19 (S09) 
by Shaun Garnham 

1/700 HMS Oberon S19 (OKB Grigorov)

This multimedia picture is a representation of HMS Oberon, first of class Diesel patrol submarine.  Commissioned 24th February 1961 and Decommissioned 1986.

Nice resin model from OKB Grigorov, which do a good range of models from various Countries.  The 1/700 submarines nice and small, not much etch required so a simpler model than Ships, but counterbalanced by black being a difficult shade to get right above/below water line.

This shows Her going out of Portsmouth in the late evening with HMS Dolphin in the background, Gosport side, where the subs tied up.  Fair to say submarines with limited space, diesel boats all the more so and therefore water limited so skin a light grayish palour and not too healthy looking with distinctive body odour on ending a patrol, but the submariners drafted to them a close knit group proud of their required system knowledge, professionalism and slightly unkempt appearance.  I should of looked into the depth of the harbour entrance as possibly could of shown the bottom ?  Dolphin badge is wrong as the dolphins hunched, but I liked the black enamel for the crown which differentiates the Diesel boats from the blue enamel ones I use for the Nuclear ones.

Shaun Garnham

Gallery updated 6/17/2021