HMS Unbroken 1942 
by Dennis Vella 

1/192 HMS Unbroken 1942 (Scratchbuilt)

After having finished, HMS Ark Royal IV, the most tiresome model I have ever had the misfortune to undertake I decide to take a break and scratch build a less demanding subject. My choice fell on one of small but handsome U-class submarines of the Royal Navy.

The subject of my model is of HMS Unbroken as she was in 1942 when she was operating in the Mediterranean sea mainly out of Malta. The model is scratch built to a scale of 1in=16ft (1/192) and is based on same scale plans drawn by John Lambert. The colour scheme was difficult to pinpoint for the period but after checking a number of class photos and numerous correspondence I came to the conclusion that the recently introduced scheme of coal black for the pressure hull, 507B for the upper hull sides and conning tower with 507A for the decks was appropriate. The paints were slightly diluted for scale effect.

The hull is built in soft wood on wood formers and the small items made out of brass. The paints are from Humbrol. The base and name plate were locally made.

Dennis Vella

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