K-19 Soviet Nuclear Submarine Project 658 (Hotel I Class) 
by Tidthom G 

1/350 K-19 Soviet Nuclear Submarine Project 658 (Zvezda)

K-19 was one of the first two Soviet submarines of the 658 class (NATO reporting name Hotel-class submarine), the first generation nuclear submarine equipped with nuclear ballistic missiles, specifically the R-13 SLBM. Due to the large number of accidents during its construction and service life, it gained an unofficial nickname "Hiroshima" among naval sailors and officers. Over its service life, it ran 332,396 miles during 20,223 working hours. (Cr. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_submarine_K-19)

The kits have a least parts and easy to assemble. I use a variety painting techniques, Color Modulation Technique, Acrylic paints, Oil paints, Vallejo, AK Interactive, Lifecolor,  and Mig Pigment. The colors was mentioned before then i use these colors make weathering techniques, Streaking, Rust and Hull Colors.

Tidthom G

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