Soviet Submarine S-56 
by Vladimir Yakubov 

1/700 Soviet Submarine S-56 (Combrig)

Decided to build a submarine as a quick project without too many modifications or scratchbuilding, so I compared the kit from Combrig with the references and found that despite the absence of the official batches in the submarine production, there were 4 distinct types of the S class subs and Combrig’s kit most resembled the S-51 to S-56 series submarines that we built in the Far East for the Pacific fleet and were then transferred to the Northern Fleet in the end of 1942.  After further research I found that after arriving to the Northern Fleet their net-cutters on the bow were removed, but I really wanted to build one because it looks cool.  So this allowed me to choose the sub and time frame that I was going to build – S-56 during the transfer from the Pacific to the Northern fleet through the Panama Canal.  This had additional appeal of building one of the few Soviet/Russian warships to visit San Francisco.
The build was fairly straight forward.  I’ve detailed the sail and the 100mm gun and added the photoetch railings.  The sub was painted with acrylics and weathered with pastels.

Vladimir Yakubov

Gallery updated 2013