USS Cavalla SS-244, Gato class submarine, 1943 
by Mike Szwarc 

1/350 USS Cavalla SS-244 (AFV Club)

USS Cavalla is a Gato-class submarine built in 1943. She served in the Pacific during WWII, and is best known for sinking the IJN aircraft carrier Sh?kaku during the battle of the Phillipine sea. Cavalla survived the war, and is currently on land as a museum ship in Sea Wolf Park on Pelican Island just north of Galveston, TX.

The model is built OOB from the AFV Club Gato-class submarine, 1943 kit. Painted with acrylics, weathered with acrylics, oil washes, and dry pigments, and rigged with Infini lycra rigging thread.

Mike Szwarc

Gallery updated 5/27/2023