USS Greeneville SSN-772 
by Mike Szwarc 

1/700 USS Greeneville SSN-772 (Hobby Boss)

SSN-772 USS Greeneville is a Los-Angeles class nuclear-powered attack submarine. She is notable for the succession of 3 accidents which occurred in the span of less than a year: her collision with the Japanese high school ship Ehime Maru on Feb. 9, 2001 off the coast of Oahu, her grounding while entering the port of Saipan on Aug. 27, 2001, and her collision with USS Ogden while transferring personnel off the coast of Oman on Jan. 27, 2002.

The collision with Ehime Maru was the result of a main ballast tank blow demonstration for civilian visitors, and caused the Ehime Maru to sink within 10 minutes of the collision, with the loss of nine crew members, including four students. USS Greeneville sustained relatively minor damage from the collision: Beginning at the 31-foot (9 m) mark on the submarine's rudder, surface tiles on the submarine's rudder had been sheared off, exposing bare metal, and there were several dents on the rudder's leading edge, one of which had punctured the metal skin; and a 24-foot (7 m) section of a <>nechoic tiles below the s <>ail had also been sheared off. The damage was repaired in drydock at Pearl Harbor at a cost of $2 million.

I used The 1:700 scale Hobby Boss kit along with a heavily modified Pit Road drydock kit to show USS Greeneville having just settled on her blocks in drydock. The damaged areas are bright with new rust as they appeared in the few photos Iíve found of the damaged Greeneville before she reached drydock. I added a bit of detail to the vignette with PE figures from Eduard, and PE railing from FlyHawk.


Mike Szwarc

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