USS Missouri BB-63
The Beginning and the End
by Kelly Quirk
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I always thought it would be cool to build a display of how the USS Missouri had changed over the years, and when I saw the Dunagain decal set for the modern Iowa class I knew I would finally do it.  The kits are of course the Tamiya offerings in 1/350 scale.  I used the Gold Medal Models photoetch set for both models, and paints are all from the White Ensign Models Colourcoat line.  Molded on chain detail was removed and replaced with real scale chain.  All portholes were drilled out, and outlet holes were added to the sides of both hulls.  All rigging is made with stretched sprue.

Both ships are mounted side by side on a single display base.  As I had hoped, it is neat to be able to see the changes the ship has gone through over her 48 year career. I hope you enjoy the models.

Click the image above for more of the 1944 Missouri Click the image above for more of the 1992 Missouri

Thanks to Tom St. James and Timothy Dike for the reference material and help.

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